Artist Statement

Tatiana Suarez is an emerging Miami based artist and a graduate of Florida International University’s school of Art. Her preferred mediums are watercolor paint with pen and markers, and occasionally oil paint. Her life-long fascination with faces and how human facial features work together to produce a seemingly unending possibility of emotional expression is what inspires her to create unique, vivid, and emotional portraits.

Suarez’s artwork explores the concepts of duality through the usage of contrasting visual extremes in her work. She achieves this by juxtaposing vividly colored portraits against stark, mostly empty backgrounds and by playing with color anomalies in her work. The contrasting themes present in her work embody femininity and also power, and her portraits are often effeminate yet confrontational.

She chooses to work primarily with watercolor due to the whimsical nature of the paint – it can be handled gently to produce soft effects and washes, or can be applied boldly and dangerously. The medium can often be unpredictable and, at times, uncontrollable, but with the light touch of a white pen or a black marker the illusion of calm and control can be achieved where there was once chaos. The process in which she works can be described in this way – as a calm chaos. She works from a rough sketch and colors intuitively so that her pieces develop organically and very little of her artwork is pre-planned.